A custom felt pal gives you the opportunity to have your very own pocket sized stuffie tailored to you and your child's preferences. Custom pals are hand sewed, stuffed with premium fiber, and have a hand embroidered mouth and 5mm black safety eyes. Please fill out the notes section at checkout with the pal you are wanting. You are welcome to send inspiration pictures via email at felthappysewing@outlook.com referencing your order.

Tier 1: Purchases will fall under this tier if the desired pal is a basic shapes, past pal in a different color, or a previously made pal. Basic shape examples: star, leaf, heart, smiley face, cloud.

Previous custom pals made: iguana, x-ray fish, lemon, ant, spider, butterfly, flamingo, dump truck, fox, elephant, lightening bolt, salamander, maple leaf, acorn, taco, husky, flower, squirrel, snake, octopus.

Tier 2: Purchases will fall under this tier if the desired pal has not previously been designed. This involves complete pattern designing, color selection, construction, and sewing the final pal. 

Tier 3: Purchases will fall under this tier if you want beading or embroidered designs on the pal. Additionally, tier 3 includes added accessories such as a scarf, purse, sleeping bag, dress, etc. If more than 2 colors are chosen, then your pal falls under this tier. Lastly, I reserve the right to bump a pal from tier 2 to tier 3 if it's a particularly challenging design to draw and create as a 3D pal. 

If you have any questions regarding what tier your desired pal falls under - or - design questions, please DM me on IG or email at felthappysewing@outlook.com

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    X-Ray Fish & Octopus

  • Elephant

  • Spider

  • Taco